Upcoming Events

Below is the list of events for the current Keystone IFT year. Please note that dates and locations may be subject to change. Click on the event info link for detailed information.

Students attending the Keystone IFT dinner (Nov. 2023)Students

Section members often participate in programs that raise awareness of food science and the food science and technology industry. They can be found in classrooms throughout the Keystone area working with younger students to get them excited about food science.

Student members of IFT are encouraged to become involved in the section. The networking offered through section events can be important in the development of your career.

Within the Keystone IFT’s geography, we are proud to support students at The Pennsylvania State University: PSU Food Science Club

Scholarships were awarded and students networked with Keystone IFT members at the November 2023 Student Recognition Dinner in Harrisburg, PA.